Backpack Puppet Company


Created on September 2017


Backpack Puppets is a young creative company that offers educational workshops to schools and community centers. They incorporate the puppet as the object and the medium of teaching.

In relation to this method, 'Au Pays des Pains Dorés: Homeland of All the Little Toasts' was their lastest endeavor, giving simultaneously workshop in the South and West coast of Africa and in the north of Canada.  Encounter and storytelling is at the heart of this project.  Annie  Maheux and Camille Banville, the founders of Backpack Puppets, always simultaneously lead this workshop in the two hemispheres continents, and connect the on-going processes of both groups.

The new 2019 project touches the elderly and their grandchildren in order to reestablish the link between two generation with very different lifestyles and way of thinking. The projects will take place in parallel in Europe and in South America. More details to come in the following weeks.


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