Summer 2021
10 weeks Online Course Food Design with Marije Vogelzang

Annie is taking weekly classes with her designer idol Marije Vogelzang, on various topics surrounding food consumption and production in ann artistic context: Psychology, Culture, History, Future, ... Final project soon available.

Created at the Canyon festival

Annie performed at the Created at the Canyon 2021 edition festival. Her piece, "Eat art in the Klondike", was presented outdoors in a historical setting at Canyon city and was then presented in restrospective at the Yukon Arts Center of Whitehorse. Click here for more information.

Performance Eat Art in Paradise

Outdoor food event happening soon on August 25th-26th 2021.


Winter 2021

Performance Eat Art and Desire

On Sunday february 14th 2021, a burlesque banquet took place in the infamous Paddy's Juke Joint in Whitehorse. Food and desire mixed well in front of an enthousiastic Yukon audience, and this, in accordance to the COVID-related distanciation rules! Click here to see a summary of the event. 

Performance Bacon and Leggs

What would happen if you would visit your own Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole? Strange food is served there! The 4-hours performative brunch transported the audiences far from the capital of the north where they lived. Click here to see photos and a summary of the event.


Fall 2020

Rushing to the Gold digging origin storyland: Living one year in the Klondike, northern Canada

A new exciting adventure in north-west Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic: Yukon, well-known region during the Gold Rush era. This Land of Opportunities will allow the artist to find a willing audience and a fertile ground for Eat Art experiments.

Introduction to Eat Art supper to Yukon audiences

First Eat Art performance in Yukon in October 2021, in an intimate and private setting in the city of Whitehorse, Yukon. See a description of the event here.



Winter 2020

Living with Ataxia, an online exhibit at Gham & Dafe gallery

The multimedia exhibition Living with Ataxia with Magdalena planned on April 2020 is changed at the last minute (COVID-19). The team virtualise everything. See the online exhibit here.



Fall 2019

Video-installation project with Magdalena Guzman

Magdalena is a young Montreal female actress living with a condition called Ataxia, a degenerative nervous system disease that affects movement coordination.. She reached out to me to produce a documentary on her desire to live at her fullest potestial. See the evolutiuon of our project with her here.


Collaboration with Karina Bleau, chemical puppeteer

A call to accompany mouvement researcher, performer and chemical puppeteer Karina Bleau, based in Laval, Canada. As she seeks to incorporate more edible material for her audiences in her performance, Karina asked Annie to join the tec team for the next event on October 19th 2019 in Bibliothèque Multiculturelle in Laval. 


Joining the studio collective La Pelouse in Le Plateau for 2019-2020

A new workplace has been found for the year 2019-2020 in Montreal, situated in the proactive industrial building of Bordeaux street in Le Plateau neighbourhood in Montreal. Few projects are simmering on the creative stove in the moment.


Summer 2019

Guest at Peephole Podcast, by Anis Azzoug

Anis Azzoug interviews Annie on her practice and other themes in a serie of radio conferences.  See the link at


Another Year: Creative Culinary Residency in the forests of Western Canada

Another year to create surprising tasty meals in the middle of nowhere for Canadians of all-over the country. Same kitchen on wheel in the middle of a deserted green region, 60 hungry people provided morning and night to taste the creations, a big budget for new material every 5 days for 3 months. The intrinsic relations in a huis-clos kitchen were under the telescope this year. The artist had a great residency with Folklore Contractings from Mai 2019 to early August 2019. 


Winter 2019

Collaboration with Eat Art collective

The Dutch collective Eat Art based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands co-created with the artist a serie of 4 performances around the themes of sustainability, food and animals. For more informations, visit the page here.


Boxing Trax, an art performance with a dog

The artist explores and unveils her limiting relationship with her dog Trax. The performance happened in Stellwerk gallery in the railway station of Kassel in Germany on April 13. For photos and details, read  page here.


Fall 2018

A new start in the Heimat (Homeland) of Eat Art: Germany

On September 12th, the Canadian artist and her dog arrived in millenium city of Kassel, known for its mystical Documenta Art Festival for more than 60 years, in the middle of Germany. In this central point of Europe, Annie aims to create links with other european Eat Art communities, learn to read and speak the mothertongue of Eat Art (german) and visit the city of Düsseldorf, where this artistic movement was born.


Summer 2018

Creative Culinary Residency in the forests of Western Canada

A kitchen on wheel in the middle of a deserted green region, 60 hungry people provided morning and night to taste the creations, a big budget for new material every 5 days for 3 months. And lots lots of silence and time to imagine. The artist had a great residency with Folklore Contractings from Mai 2018 to August 2018. See the photos here


Winter 2018

Staircase Visual Art Exhibit

A museal ascending experience; come and visit the exibit in Montreal at 5054 rue Chabot in the Plateau neighbourhood (Laurier metro station). Ring the door bell and encounter artist Annie Maheux's visual 2D works. See photos of archives here


Backpack Puppet company has visited Northern Canada, South Africa and Senegal

Our company Backpack Puppet with Camille Banville visited the 2 hemispheres simultaneously during the Winter 2018. In Africa and in the north of Canada, we worked with children of different cultures and brought them together via the medias in common puppetry workshops. See more information here. Follow us on our website and Instagram!



Fall 2017

Creation of the MTL Eat Art Collective

Our new collective with Arturo Ayala, creative chef in Montreal, is looking for collaborators!!

The MTL Eat Art Collective has been created by creative culinary professionals and food-art professionals based in Montréal (Canada) as a call for freedom of expression.

Freed of dominant control of the market and pressure of profit-making, this group wants to put forward the creative aspect of food and the real people behind its preparation and production.



Summer 2017

Montreal Residency: 30-days Eat Art performance marathon in July 2017.

Individual and collective pieces created by Annie around the city of Montreal and Laval. See details here.

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