Introduction to Eat Art Supper

October 2020 - Soupers presque parfaits culinary competition, Whitehorse, Yukon


The basics principles of a classic Eat Art performance were presented during this evening: theory of Eat Art, partial sensorial depravition, a surreal setting, tool design and a cntroversial topic: in-vitro meat VS beyond-meat patties. The meal: an opportunity to meet and eat diferently.


The participants are greeted in a living room surrounded by large sheets explaining the Eat Art movement and what food performance could do. They are then invited in another dark room one by one with a torch light (fear and anticipation will contrast with the warmth of the meal). They will discover pouchs on the wall with dehydrated food in it.

They make their own soup while pouring ingredients from the tables and the pouch (the table texture is mushy and wet).

They are introduced to the controversy of in-vitro meat VS beyond-meat products with a short video presented on a rolling tv. They are given an unknown patties cooked like korean food to eat in strange glass cups, plates and bowls (Lumel studios glasswork). The serving ustensiles are too long to served anyone but the person if front of you. Each participant is attached with a red string to the others around the table.

Each person is served at the end of the meal 3 gummies: one vegan, one with THC weed extract in it and one with protein supplement. All participants ate everything and were stoned at the end of the meal.

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