Curriculum Vitae

Annie Maheux is a Quebec artist currently based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. She works with the medium of food, inspired by the Eat Art movement from 70s by Daniel Spoerri. She uses mostly art performances, product design and culinary happenings to express her ideas about food consumption and the industry surrounding it. Recent explorations include several participative banquets offering visual and tactile explorations while eating. 




Summer 2021: Organizer/performer: Eat art in the Klondike art performance, Created at the Canyon festival, Yukon

Spring 2021: Organizer: Bacon & Leggs Dream & Burlesque Brunch, Paddy’s Juke Joint, Whitehorse, Yukon

Winter 2021: Organizer: Eat Art & Desire burlesque night, Paddy’s Juke Joint, Whitehorse, Yukon

Winter 2020: Production/JJournalist: Podcast Newkoner, Whitehorse, Yukon

Fall 2020: Organizer: Introduction au Eat Art, Whitehorse, Yukon

Winter 2020: Performer: Welcome to the Twistaurant, part 1 & 2, Open Performance Night, Concordia, Montreal

Spring 2019: Performer: Boxing Trax, Stellwerk Gallery, Kassel, Germany

Spring 2019: Organizer: Doggy Café 2, S/ash Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Spring 2019: Performer: #so.sustainable, Worm UBIK Theater, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Spring 2019: Performer: Radical Circularity, Worm UBIK Theater, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Winter 2019: Organizer: Doggy Café 1, Tender Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Fall 2018: Speaker: Eat Art history, Kust Hoch Schule, Kassel Art University, Germany 

Summer 2018-19: Creative Culinary Residency, Folklore Contractings, Alberta, Canada

Winter 2018: Thread Art Residency: Puppetry work with youth, Sinthian, Senegal

Fall 2017: Creation Backpack Puppet Theatre Company, Canada & South Africa​

Summer 2017: Organizer, performer, visual artist: Et Art Marathon 31 performances, Montreal, Canada​

Spring 2017: Art X Speakeasy: Event organizer, Art Gang, Montreal, Canada

Winter 2017: Performer: Before you Died -  ITHQ en spectacle, National Theater, Montreal, Canada

2015-2017: Organizer Participative Cooking and Mixology Competition Events - ITHQ, Montreal, Canada

Summer 2015: Performer: Lovely Love Picnic, Clown food performance - Là Festival of Performance, Laval, Canada

Spring 2015: Director, organizer: Kamatau-P. Children Puppetry workshops and show - Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Winter 2015: Performer Eat Art: Pabstmaster: Glass Door Gallery - Montreal, Canada

Winter 2015: Designer Puppets: The Saint Plays: Radio Elephant -  Montreal Canada

Winter 2015; Set Designer: Who is Afraid Of Margaret Atwood, by M.Martini, Mainline Theater, Montreal, Canada

Winter 2015: Performer, choreographer, designer: Drag King performance - Cabaret Chez Mado, Montreal, Canada

Winter 2015: Designer, model: Runway Monster costumes, Festival 60X60 - D.B Clark Theater, Montréal, Canada

Summer-Fall 2014: Design & stage manager : Play in [bodied] - Cazalet Theater, Montréal, Canada               

Fall 2014: Réalisatrice-Designer-Post-Production: court métrage Kung Fu Kerouac -  Montréal, Canada    

Fall-Winter2014: Coordinator Design team: Ivory Towers & Will-O-Wips by M.Martini - Mainline Theater, Canada 

Winter 2014: Assistant Costume Design: Attawapiskat Is No Exception, by L. Floyd, D.B. Clark, Montreal, Canada 

Fall 2013: Designer Play Kahlo/Ono: SIPA Festival – Cazalet Theater, Montréal, Canada   

 2011-2013: Artist-performer (Eat Art): Art Contexte Festival 3 editions– Cégep Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Canada     





Summer 2021: Designer installation: Eat art in the Klondike,  Yukon Art Center, Whitehorse, Yukon

Summer 2021: Painter/video: Picnic at the Park, Arts Underground Gallery, Whitehorse, Yukon

Spring 2020: Video Installation Artist: Living with Ataxy, Gham et Dafe, Montreal, Canada

Fall 2019: Culinary Designer: Karina Bleau Chemical Puppeter, Laval, Canada

Summer-Fall 2015: Photographer: Orientalism Photo Exhibit, The Reactor Gallery, Montreal, Canada​

2014-2015: Visual Artist: collectif Complot 12, Montreal, Canada

Winter 2013: Curator: Art Matters Festival, 26 artists - Casa del Popolo, Montréal, Canada

Fall 2012: Wood Sculpture Exhibit - Cégep Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Canada

Fall 2011: Group Black and White painting exhibit - Servi Café, Montréal, Canada.





2021      Food & Design Deep Dive - 10 weeks course - with Marije Vogelzang studio, online

2019      La nourriture en performance - 3 days intensive workshop - with Nazaket Ekici  - Studio 303, Montréal

2018      Mentoring and collaboration - with Eat Art collective -Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

2015-2017      DEP Cuisine Professionnelle Enrichie, Institut de tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Qc, Montreal, Canada

2012-2015     BAC Speciality Design for the Theatre, Concordia University, Montreal-Erlangen, Canada-Germany

2009-2012     Double-DEC Social Sciences/Visual Arts, CEGEP Sant-Laurent, Montreal, Canada

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