2021-2022 - Centre de la francophonie, Whitehorse, Yukon


L'Association Franco-Yukonnaise (AFY) has organized Cafés-rencontres, themed gatherings with food for the past 40 years for the French community in Whitehorse, Yukon. They are always located in the community hall of Centre de la Francophonie, on Strickland Street. 3-course meals are offered at an affordable price to all visitors. 


Since September 2021, Annie has taken over the organization of such monthly events. Various themes have been presented such as Beach party, Christmas, World Flavours, Fall Harvest, ... Because of the pandemic, the amount of participants remains limited and some in-person event have switched for pickup meals only format. The goal is obviously to continue in-person large gatherings, as much as possible, considering the sanitary restrictions. 

Festive Beach-Party-themed To Go Meals in January 2022.

Christmas-themed Café-rencontre with the traditional recipes for the elders in the French community.

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