Living with Ataxia

March 2020 - GHAM & DAFE Gallery, Montreal, Canada


Living with Ataxia is a documentary project about a powerful force inhabiting Magdalena Guzman, a 27 years-old Montrealer, living with cerebellar ataxia: Desire. This life impulse leads her everyday towards meeting new people and to live fulfilling intimate relationships while living in Paul Émile Léger Long Term Care Facility.
The exhibition includes 4 video-portrait of Magdalena, as well as a virtual reality game allowing visitor to experience life in a Long Term Care Facility, in the eyes of a resident.
In the past few weeks, most Long Term Care Facilities have been closed to public visits and to any excursion projects for the residents, all related, of course, to the current pandemic. Magdalena could not attend her own vernissage, or even see her exhibition with her own eyes. We therefore decided to create this virtual exhibition that all could experience from their quarantined home, Paul Émile Léger facilities included.

The Exhibit

Visit and experience the online exhibit (virtual gallery, game, and videos).

Photo: Filming underwater at Jean-Claude Malépart Center in Montreal

Photo: Virtual reality research and exploration at PHI Center

Photo: The team behind the multimedia 9-months project: Francis Touchette, Jeremi de Pue, Annie Maheux, Sylvain Lamoureux, and Magdalena Guzman.

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