Boxing Trax: a performance with my dog

Stellwerk Gallery in Kassel, Germany


Annie wished to discuss how the freedom of both master and dog are in the same time restricted and enhanced by each other. On one side, both are excluded from certain urban spaces together. On the other side,  while both bodies are tied by one rope. The master must care and feed, but he is asked to brainwash his dog in obedience, no matter what his opinions are on the topic. He vowed informally to care and to serve the needs of his animal everyday, multiple times a day. The dog was born in a free-less society and raised to be dependant to human being. 
Freedom arise when both run together and create a new dog-master relationship through a new situations. When they "sync in" together.

Description of the performance:

Concretely, a serie of actions is performed to "challenge boundaries physically and mentally of both. A dance with multiple leashes shows the limitations of both in their movements. The audience calls the dog with treats to distract him. A powerpoint presentation illustrates a monologue about the philsophical reason of the existence of pets in our society. redemption is taken by the master. A bath is then taken where the dog is washed in front of all. A doggy café settup offer food and drinks to all canine visitors.

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