Training Food Design with Marije Vogelzang

Online two 10-weeks courses - Summer 2021 + Winter 2022


Background information

During the pandemic, world-known dutch food designer Marije Vogelzang started offering online Master classes for the general public around the world. The classes were 10-weeks long and included information about Food design and how to get organized as a professional Food Designer. The classes were given in Zoom meetings with powerpoint presentations and homeworks were summited on a Facebook group page.

Description of the course

I enrolled both in Summer and end of year 2021. Both classes allowed me to meet other food design students from Europe and Asia with different artistic and academic backgrounds. The teacher offered information about the art history with food, as well as themed lectures of specific topics that are great creative matches with food. In the Advance course, the focus was on the work methodology surrounding creation with food. Every class was a detailed explanation of a creative step, with a lot of contemporary food art examples. 

During the first class, we worked on small project surrounding Food Design: Senses, Human Connections, Time & Ephemerality, Culture, Nature & Education, Psychology, Future, Ethics, ...

The second class involved designing steps such as Visual language, Experience design, Research & Development, Concept Development, Prototyping, Communications with Clients, Cherries on Top (attention to details in design), Pricing of Artwork, Client Expectation Management, ... The course also included some Q&A sessions and a final presentation.

My final presentation was about a participative performance named Échanges Thermique about eating in a cold environment.

The class really created a sense of global active community around Food Design and also gave credit to this largely unknown branch of art and design.

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