Bacon & Leggs

April 2021 - Paddy's Juke Joint, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


One of those lazy Sunday mornings where you linger in bed and soon enough, fall asleep again. Bacon and Leggs represents the mysterious dream you then enter, the wonderland trip to another reality made from your own memories. How strange is the food during Alice in Wonderland! How far can we immerse ourselves in a parallel reality while eating breakfast in a dark room?


The participants were guided by the magnetic voice of actress Antoinette Oliphant into an oniric world of theater and food. Parallel realities blended more and more as the morning went by.

The participants had to grab their food in the trees suspended above the tables, or catch bagels swinging on fishing rods. Everyone could wear their favorite pyjamas.

Many talented performers added to the mystic morning: dancers, singers, pianists, burlesque performers.

The scenery was captivating and only broken by 2 fire alarms that disrupted the event for an hour.

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