Before You Died

March 2017 - National Theater, Montreal


This project focuses on 4 phases of the death of the artist's mother: Disease, Waiting, Death, and Mourning. It aims to revive the last meal shared between the artist and her mother before her loss of consciousness from which she never recovered. It revolved around the difficulty of eating for those in a state of weakened body and the strange culinary preferences they might develop: here the mother could only eat white colored food. These last moments became very precious memories for those living them, and the act of reenactment is a healing gesture to repair what seems to have been out of tune. To talk again to those who are gone.


The performance started with a silent dance showing a body sickening. The same dancer is brought to a stool by 2 friends who then bring her various coloured platters of food, but she eats only from the white one. Then she walks towards a golden coffin where she lies down and dies. When she comes out of it, it is to come closer to the audience and a microphone to say some last words to her deceased mother. She then returns to the coffin where the cover is place and a flower bouquet is placed.

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