Doggy Café Rotterdam

March 2019 - At Tender Center and Worm in Rotterdam,

With Ess und Tisch Kultur Gruppe from Kassel, Germany and the Eat Art collective from Rotterdam


Animal food is a fascinating industry that became more important in the 80s. The nutritious choices for our pets became subject to trends in the same fashion as the various human diet eras (gluten-free, bio-food, single origin, slow cooked nuggets,...). Yet, their flavour palette is completely different from ours, more based on aromas than salt, sweet, bitter, spicy components.

Food establishments often prohibits pets in their space, with arguments based on hygienic standards. It often makes it difficult for dog owners to find a public space to roam and rest with their pet. And if they are accepted, the food offer is often limited to scarce treats and water. The idea here was to reverse this hospitality hierarchy and to brings dogs to the foreground.  Twice the doggy café appeared in Rotterdam city in the Netherlands as a pop-up café for mainly dogs and their masters. 

Description of Pop-ups Cafés

These coffee shops were created for one day each in 2 different locations in Rotterdam. The room was filled with dog toys and cushions and carpets for the dogs to play. A few couches allowed their human, obviously tagging  along, to sit and relax as well. The food counter was serving various dishes for dogs.

There was a cinema for dogs as well. 

Publicity was made in dog parks and along dog walkers' trails.

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