Fruchstuck im Bett/Breakfast in Bed


In July 2014, on the public square of the city of Erlangen in Germany, I set up a bed and its covers in the middle of the square. Four groups of actors would successively perform a morning breakfast in bed in all its intimacy and tenderness despite the public setting. It is rare to find archives of a breakfast in bed since it is usually such a spontaneous act of generosity welcoming the significant other at the dawn of their consciousness. There were four intimate case scenario to confront the public passing by in their opinions: a heterosexual couple, a gay men couple, a threesome group, and a gay lesbian couple. Inspired by the book First Morning, by Jean-Claude Kaufmann (2002) that described sociologically the different aspects of the first morning of a future couple, and how they all are significant details that will create or not a couple.


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