Goodbye Blind supper


At the Reacteur gallery on January 2015, we organised a blinded supper for a very close group. 20 blinded colleagues experienced a supper servicein group tables of 5 people. They were call to guess objects on the table by touching them in-between services.Tthrough these new developped senses, we observed that a new way of sociabilizing was established at the table: a dependance from the waiters and new spontaneous interactions toward their table partners.

Loosing sight made them less self-conscious but also more vulnerable to the exterior world. What their ears couldn't hear was not existing anymore. They needed help for any little details as to pick up ustensiles or walk to the bathroom, fill their glass of water,.... Big sounds made them easily scared. When, at the end of the meal, we took them douwnstairs one by one, those left started missing them and singing funeral song as if they had died for them. It was a delicate experience that needed a fare amount of preparation and a solid organisation teamwork during the service.

Unfortunately, no photos were taken during the event for technical reasons.

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