July 11th: Woof Woof Slurp! Dog cooking show

Marathon Eat Art


Most dog diets are decided by the pets food industry gurus. We often think dogs eat some meat, bones and dry food, and sometimes by mistake, some human food. They actually can very well digest a large selection of vegetables, most dairy products and rice/noodle/pastas. Many recipes books have been written to suggest home cooking food for dogs. They include stews, fish dish, pastas, smoothies, desserts, and cookies. The pet food industry and food options are very similar. By making a cooking TV show, I wanted to adress directly to dogs in a comical manner (barking) and to show our similarities in a format most would know. 



A three recipes cooking show episode has been filmed by Jeremi de Pue, filmmaker, in Le Reacteur art space in Montreal. A special hairy guest, a female husky named Ukiuq, has been invited for the show, to be present during the making and mostly, for the consumption of the recipes, Goat stew with basmati rice, Mac and cheese balls and a celebration cake. Human English subtitles are included.


The video is currently being edited. To be continued.

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