July 12th: Station d'entartement gratuit: Participative pie throwing station at Mont-Royal metro

Eat Art Marathon


Pie throwing is a political act quite well-known in France. Many highly-criticized politicians received cream pies in the face by surprise in public demonstation. The act was humiliating, invasive, yet harmless and visually striking. Have you ever received a piece of cake or a slice of a pie in the face by one of your friend or parent? Apart from the emotional encounter it creates, it is a physically comfortable situation, since the products are soft and at body temperature. I wanted to depoliticise the act of pie throwing in a place like Québec, whose pie throwing culture is still to be established. Another type of tactile encounter with food which is not the hands nor the mouth directly, it is a way to litterally fusion with your food before swallowing it. I wanted to share and encourage a friendly non-wasteful practice of pie-throwing around me.


I set up a little camp next on the public square in front of Mont-Royal metro station. Poster, chair, aprons, beach umbrella, tissues for cleaning and... homemade pie and McCain cakes. People were encouraged to choose a dish, sit on the chair, and receive the cake/pie in the face by one of their friend, themselves, or myself. Many people of all ages and origins came, just to talk, to understand it, or to try it. Laughter, exclamations, cake-dirty smiles, applause, and an incredibly sensitive and generous act of cleaning the person who received it.  It was an interesting experience to renew.

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