July 15th: Love-making in a Freezer

Eat Art Marathon


The fridges and freezers are often the only closed room in a kitchen. Conflict resolutions, secret talks and gestures happen in there. Its high volume ventilation also ensures a soundproof space. Like any workplace, the kitchen workers can be attracted to each other, while spending so many hours in close proximity. Site-specific sex is a fantasy for many, and the kitchen, must it be at home, or afterhours in a restaurant, can also be an ideal setting. Many sexaventures stories circulate in the cooking world. Warm bodies in a cold place. The reassuring human heat preferable from loneliness in an hostile cold place. Here are some uncompromising collages for you.


After hesitating on whether to do a collage or an actual performance with a photoshoot, my choice fell on the second option. With Liana The Ghost as a photographer and Lochlan Fortina as performance partner, we found a walk-in fridge in a shop on St-Catherine. The act of love making, costumed in cook's uniform, was immortalized during the 7min-performance. They are not demonstrating a personal biography, but a universal representation of a situation in kitchens. 

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