July 16th: Hommage to Daniel Spoerri

Eat Art Marathon


The Swiss-Romanian Daniel Spoerri founded the Eat Art movement in the 1960s in Germany. His first major stylised pieces were called Tableau-piège, as he would invite people to eat over, and then would glue food and cutlery on the table top. The collage would be hanged vertically on a wall as a painting, a realist, honest representation of the leftovers of a meal. Geography of past actions, glimpse of an intimate space in-between eaters, usually only penetrated by their waiter or waitress. These are iconic Eat Art pieces showing the interest for human relationships through the ritual and uses of food. 

Our use of disposable plates and utensils for the purpose of gluing brought us away from the primary New Realism aesthetics (meat plates, soiled, glass bottles, food leftovers). Our aesthetic was of the modern consumption, the multiplied similar items.


Melissa Sokoloff, her daughter Camille and I met up on my backyard balcony for brunch together. At the end of the meal, conversation, and children games with Camille, we glued the cleaned plates of the meal and the service pots and plastic cutlery on the tablecloth or a piece of the temporary tabletop. We glued the little objets the little girl played with. 

Our meal, beginning.

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