July 20th: Foam puppets performance

It vomits, cries, pees and poops...and is not a baby

Eat Art Marathon


I wanted to try animate puppets with unusual liquid human expressions: crying, vomiting, sweating, ... We decided to use the balcony in front of the house to not have to carry everything at once to a park, but also to maximise our housing potential.                 


At night, 2 puppeteers manipulated eyebrows, eyelids, mouth, hands, ...

The big puppet was introduced by the medium puppets. It was called Le Bébé du Plateau, a representation of a little creature living around the building and exhausting its parents with its crying and its colic. The performance was 3 minutes long and accessible to anyone walking by at midnight. Our neighbours were outside to encourage us. The puppet cried and vomited milk.

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