July 23rd: Suicide Stop Motion

Eat Art Marathon


Suicide is a very delicate matter to discuss. So much pain is associated with it. Coming from a sense of loss and despair, someone remove him or herself from the living world. It then stain by its violence all the people who knew this person from close or far connections. The news always hit them like a punch in the stomach. 

Different cultures experience different social situations around the act of suicide. From the Japanese hara kiri to the suicide bombers we encounter often in the media, the Western countries are experiencing severe depression cases and discuss these years a lot of assisted euthanasias cases in hospitals. 

I had dark moments during my university years and the thoughts of giving up crossed my mind. Many people have these thoughts during their life. They will not speak about it, but the emotion has lived inside them at some point. I wanted to take those horror fantasies to the real world to tell them goodbye.

Food can easily be taken as symbolic representations of organs and the human body. It's diversity of colors, textures and it's freshness can be comparable. I wanted to see how a horror picture could be recreated. 


A serie of 5 photos representing a suicide with pistol to the head. Taken as selfies photos, on the ground, the portaits have been created with tomato paste, tomato juice, red lipstick, and nordic shrimps. The plastic gun was a broken prop from a spy costume. 

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