July 24th: Rhythm and Violence in the Kitchen

Eat Art Marathon


Personal experience in cooking school and internships, TV shows, common knowledge: the professional kitchen is not a kind place. It has a fast pace, its interactions based often on dominance and lack of time. This is reality that the new generation accepts less and less.

As much as the beginning of prep time (cuttings meat, veggies, the start of a shift) as a quiet pace, the hours closer to service until it are increasingly louder and faster. We wanted to portray it with an actual musician who could improvise rhythms according to the period in the kitchen brigade.


A short play of a garde-manger cook arriving to work until the service of plates. The menu: nordic shrimps marinated in mustard oil, avocado espuma, sliced beets, enoki mushrooms. The sous-chef is present in the space, making sure the pace accelerate up until service. In the back, an acoustic musician follows the actions and puts in sounds the rising tension. 

The cook will cut herself, make siphons explode, drop things, sing her despair but will finally execute her service. She could not fail.

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