July 25th: Seeking Mentors: Canada

Eat Art Marathon


Seeking mentors and collaborators is now an essential step in my practice, to open my horizons on peers and opportunities to perform and present my work in Montreal, the province of Québec and the rest of Canada. This dialogue creates new ideas and concepts, better ways to organise the process, new physical material to explore and people to add to performances as actors or helpers or designers.

The action of seeking can be considered a performance in itself, because it is a call for reunion from the primal times. It can be symbolically represented as finding those similar to us. And showing the process rather than the end result of something is also a possible approach to a performance (Ex. En attendant Godot) The need to find those who are similar. Who can share knowledge of Eat Art with me?


Emailing personal addresses of artists, applying for residencies, applying for festivals, looking for past exhibits and who were present and then contacting them on their futures perspectives to organise more of them. The afternoon was spent at home with a computer, a notepad and a phone. That is where all big scale projects all come from.

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