July 29th: Chromatic Stairs Still Life

Eat Art Marathon


We live in a 100 year old badly maintained building in the Plateau. The indoor staircase's walls are full of holes, the steps are so worn out that we are grinding the wood itself while climbing up. After many emails and projects refused by the landlord to make murals to bring life to the space, I decided to take action and make a stair-painting, adding food as Still Life installation.

The innate geography on the surface explains the action that should occur: climbing up. Different levels, a cast of shadows, gravity, utilitarian, the turning ascension: it is a canvas like no other.


I decided to paint only a few surfaces and leave the worn-out wood apparent. The stairwell is made of a first straight part to get to the first floor, followed by 2 turns in the second part to reach the second floor. We are two appartments connected by these stairs. 

The first part was a series of golden circles in wich pineapples would be progressively cut in quarters.

The second part is based on skin color of fruits. Each stripes represent the color of one fruit. The fruits are aged, like a real still life installation.

A future project of painting exhibit should happen in this staircase during Fall 2017.

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