July 4th: A Magical end of shift

Marathon Eat Art


Drug addictions and alcoholism are extremely common in the restaurant industry all over the world. The mix between high intensity labour which brings adrenaline that stays long until after the shifts late hours and mixed it with a need for long-lasting energy despite frequent long hours shifts: the body of the cook seems often not enough by itself to cope with such fast demands of high and low energy everyday. Therefore, it is a well-known ritual to take a beer every night and light a joint after work. As to take cocaine or a drink an unreasonable amount of coffee to wake up for prep and service. On days off, cooks sleep and see sometimes some friends. It is still hard though, to maintain friendships and love relationships with this schedules and those habits. 


The participative performance is the depiction of an end of a shift in the kitchen, however magnified, amplified, intensified. A serie of friends will gather around 11pm to 4am in an appartement with celebrating drinks, space cakes, party decoration, midnight children games. A kid birthday for adults.

A group of 6 people came to the event, some were on days off, some just finished working. The energy was still high and they had so many adventures to narrate from their shift, conversation were mostly about kitchen situations. Other firends who were former waiters had various topics of conversation. Those working the next day only drank and did not take any space cakes. The night finished around 3am.

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