July 6th: Westwood Cook: Fashion photoshoot for future feminine cook uniform

Eat Art Marathon


Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer who revolutionised clothing by putting modern punk dressing styleon the runway. Young, rebellious, chaotic yet feminine, her creations are always surprising. To revolutionise cooks classical uniform (vest, apron, neck strap, hat, pants, steel toe shoes) and to adapt it to women with a sense a style while working in kitchens, to ask for a similar spirit to break barriers. 


The photoshoot took place in one days with 3 model and the photographer Liana The Ghost in an abandoned space in the Hochelaga neighbourhood of Montreal. Different pieces from the cook's uniform were wrapped, torn, removed, exchanged, ... while other pieces of costumes were added. We respected the style of Vivienne Westwood as inspiration of extravagant, colorful makeups, hairstyles and of course, clothing fashion style.

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