July 7th: The Hard Core of our Breakfast: Table-making

Eat Art Marathon


Eating at home is related to many habits and details that create a comfortable nourishing environment, or its opposite, a unfertile ground that one must exit to feed themselves. Building your own kitchen table is an act of building a feeling of home with utilitarian purposes. It is a daily object extremely present in almost every act regarding feeding, and living. It should gain more aknowledgement for its presence.


We decided to renovate our balcony kitchen table, where rains and many winters had slowly destroyed the wood. I purchased a 1" sanded plywood with the good dimension and we could all three roommates participate to the drawings and paintings of it at different times of the day according to our schedules. It was then varnished and installed on the balcony.

The final product is still in construction and collectively painted. 

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