July 9th: Dumpster Diving Art

Marathon Eat Art


Montreal is a city of many opportunities for food recuperation ie. dumpster diving. Laws do not prevent it and the general opinion is generally positive about this food activism. People of any ages would go out at night on bikes with large bagpacks and jump in various fruit shops, bakeries and grocerie shops to find edibles many products still in perfect condition or only slightly bruised to bring back home. It is now a food solution that many students and young worker would use to complement a basic grocery purchase every week. 


I went to 3 different locations on the night of Sunday to Monday July 9th 2017 around Hochelaga and Le Plateau. The aims was to create food art installations with found objects on-site in the dumpster containers (new site for art exhibit).

First, at the Amandine bakery, a red carpet isolate the rest of the things in the container to present only the almond croissants I found, as if it was prepared for the dumpster divers to come.

Second, the small organic grocery shop next to Lafontaine park had many type of trash/recycling/compost and a lot of bread and bananas. I created a semi-circle of cardboard boxes and placed as a shrine with the edible products.

Third, the fruit shop Roger next to my house had many stinky wet dumpsters with corn, watermelon, squashes, ... etc. The top surfaces of the dumpster bins received as an autel the symetrical installation.

The next morning, an amazing breakfast took place with the found food. I created a Nature Morte tableau with the cooked and uncooked food.

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