Radical Circularity

at WORM UBIK theater in Rotterdam, with Eat Art collective (Alexander Geijzendorffer)


Research and performance with Alexander Geijzendorffer on the economical model of recycling of material and energies called Circular Economy, this time applied to the food industry within the sole space of a city like Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The interest is to reduce the ecosystem targeted to the sole Human body system by reusing hygienically its outputs into new inputs to create a meal based on it.


Thed performance was given in the structure of a workshop. First, the participants learn in a poetic monologue what is circular economy while is projected on a sand table in from of them a powerpoint. The presentation offers many ideas about the various scales this recycling system can take. Annie and Alexander give some exemples through a picture game under the sand on the table. 

Second, the participants dress in white and write on each other the inputs and outputs of the human body.

Third, the participants are invited to perform some scientific experiments in whic they create spoons with bones, filtrate water out of their urine and bake plate out of blood. The notion of disgust is explored as well. They will create toothpaste out of marble.

Fourth, recycling of energies through a Laughting Yoga is organized while a suspiscious picnic is served, with some results of the previous experiments.

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