at WORM with Eat Art collective (Lukas Taks and Alexander Geijzendorffer )


The eco-guilt is a rampant and sometimes powerful tool to bring individuals and companies to take action for the sake of the planet. Yet, greenwashing discourses still linger on many platforms. The grandiose apparence of so many environmentally-friendly campaigns and products can unfortunately be sometimes be deceiving. It is only by taking concrete and realistic actions that changes will come. This performance was also the chance to collaborate with the Eat Art collective from Rotterdam. 

Description of performance

Set up in a black box theater in Rotterdam, the performance first presents a traditional powerpoint presentation on current debates about sustanable topics, only explained in broad and vague terms. The lecturer brings his audience to a deserted island (a scenic constructure with fake grass). Food is delivered on a raft in limited amounts and a money system is introduced to buy the food. Each choice influences the rest of the meal service to come. Consequences will strike those who made a choice with obvious environmental impacts. The high "price" of certain healthy and eco-friendly dishes makes them less attractive. Eventually, the island itself is endangered. Apocalyptic and mystical end for certain spectators. 

A kitchen was created in the theatrical space as well, to prepare in-situ the meal to be serve to the public on the stage, on the other side of the curtain.

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